Saturday, September 19, 2015

And more Greek Hoplites - Nautical Theme

A country made up of islands - and mainland not conducive to land travel! - naturally led to many Greeks becoming experts in all matters boaty.  With this in mind, I painted some of the Hoplites in mostly blues and whites, suggesting a coastal / island origin, and echoing (with the red-bronze) the same colours you are hit with when you look at those tourist pictures of Greek fishing villages.

I chose two different blues, one dark and one lighter, with the lighter blue more common on shields, and white appearing most often on armour / tunics.  The more striking dark blue appears less, and works as a spot colour.  The same variety was used in the helmet crests.

I had planned to use mostly nautical-themed shield designs, but I was also trying to avoid anything other than black or white.  This limited the choice, so not everyone got a seaside design :)

Three different coloured tunics.

Three chaps all finished in white (apart from crests).

These two have pale blue tunics, so one gets a dark blue crest, and the other a white one.

And these two both have pale blue crests, so they get white / dark blue tunics.


  1. Nice color combo, definitely the colors associated with Greece, at least modern day Greece.

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